OSCOMIX032 - Pernille

pernille osco.jpg

Danish dj and radio show host, pernille, gives you one hour of abstract / idm / ambient tracks from her vaults. the mix is a journey through space and time, showcasing old and new productions from all over the world.

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Aphex Twin - Asgeispolis

The most amazing little gem from the undisputed master of intelligent dance music - Aphex Twin. I love how chilled and energetic it is at the same time - amazing vibe to start out pretty much anything with; your bikeride, your party, your moody Sunday - or this mixtape.


2. Deru - The Future Never Comes 

Deru composed an amazing ambient album for FoF a couple of years ago. ‘The Future Never Comes’ is deep and subtle and I love how clearly visible the influences of the first wave IDM artists such as before-mentioned Aphex Twin is, in both his and many other of the younger producers’ music.


3. Biogen - Lost 

The “Selected Works” compilation from Sigurbjörn Thorgrimsson is essential listening for anyone into 90s (ambient) IDM. Musically Biogen is all over the place, but unfortunately no longer among us - his music is though, luckily. I don't know when this track is from - timeless. 


4. Hiro Kone - Less Than Two Seconds

Collecting tracks for this mixtape, I knew that I wanted to go all in on electronica / IDM as a genre, as this is what has stuck with me the longest and continues to inspire me the most. I wanted to create a balance between new and old, and when I recently came across Hiro Kone it was love at first listen. Her album “Love is the Capital” is amazing.



5. Karsten Pflum - Impulse II 

Aphex Twin might be the internationally acclaimed master of IDM, but Danish producer Karsten Pflum is a close runner-up imo. For 15 years he has been releasing absolutely fantastic music, all characterized by his unique approach to combining glitchy, harsh sounding electronic elements with melodies of great emotion.

“Idhax” is a classic album, definitely another musthave.



6.  Autechre - Nil 

The production of this track - the entire album - is huge. Massive tune from some of the most technically skilled guys around, superior in style.


7. Ryuichi Sakamoto - disintegration (Alva Noto Remodel) 

Speaking of superior… Sakamoto and Alva Noto are both together and separately two of the heavy weights in my book. All of the tracks on “Remodels”, which, besides Alva Noto, contains remixes from acts like Andy Stott, Oneohtrix Point Never, Johann Johannsson and others are super strong and a great add-on to the original release from Sakamoto.. 


8. CLT - In Angulo Cum Libello (feat. Casper Nyvang Rask, Lars Fiil & Terkel Nørgaard)

This is the debut release from the Danish trio CLT. The album consist of seven spontaneous improvisations recorded during just one single day and I greatly appreciate the immediacy and vibrant approach of this track, as a little contrast to the many strictly controlled electronic productions in this podcast. Beautiful track.


9. Vanessa Amara - 20-03-2017  21-12-2016  06-02-2016

Vanessa Amara’s latest album is super beautiful, as is their entire catalogue really. Highly recommendable.



10. Lamin Fofana - The Dithering 

Physically Sick is a charity compilation by Allergy Season and Discwoman curated by Umfang, Frankie Hutchinson, Max McFerren and Physical Therapy. 100% percent of profits from the compilation go to selected charities AND, on top of this, the music is of super high quality. Very forward thinking and interesting. There are two compilations out and both are great; musically ranging from ambient to techno, IDM and electro. 

This track by Lamin Fofana is just sweet, I absolutely love the vibe and how he takes his time. Very picturesque.


11. Fruit - heima

A little unreleased and uplifting track from Icelandic Fruit to end this OSCO-hour with. It will be out on Danish label Twin Cities soon and I know that he has more stuff in the pipeline too.