OSCOMIX017 - Martin gilleshøj mikkelsen


Martin Gilleshøj Mikkelsen spins one hour of ambient, experimental and house music. Check it out!

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Illdjinn - a/0

The first track is a snippet from an album made by Mads Forsby, my previous neighbor. I heard Mads play live at Phono Festival 16 which is really recommendable. This album is quite experimental and hard Noise and I thought this snippet would be good way to clense the ear for the next 70 minuttes.


2. H. Takahashi - Körper

I bought this record recently at Percy Record (shout out) and think it's pure creme for the ears :) Enjoy.


3. rainforest spiritual enslavement - Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (With Silent Servant)

Same story as above. This track is also by far the longest in the mix and I think it really brings you in a relaxed and daydreaming kinda mood. Sometimes sudden changes or high frequencies breaks your attention but seconds after you're back into the reveries.


4. dj sotofett presents jesse (9) - Autiomaa (II) (Tribbal Sound Mix)

DJ Sotofett album released this July which I got as a birthday present. I think the album is quite diverse in a Sotofett style with both uplifting- and more chilled tracks.

Skjermbilde 2017-11-15 kl. 18.54.59.png

5. Javier Marimon - Homenaje

A new record in my collection as well. Relaxing ambient soundscape which evokes a mixed feeling both of being underwater and in some industrial settings. I guess thats how it'll sound if you ever drop by Atlantis ;) 


6. actress - falling rizlas

Saw Actress live at Jazzhouse hosted by Proton. I heard mixed comments about the concert but it really appealed to me after a long working week just being able to disappear into his music. I wasn't that familiar with Actress before the concert, but in the aftermath i've been encouraged to go through his releases properly. 


7. yoshinori hayashi - Burrow

Scary and crazy B side track on a really good, but also weird, house record by Yoshinori Hayashi on Lovers Rock. Ill recommend to go check out the A side if you're curious :)


8. hanker - Sections from the imaginary Future

Ambient track from a CD by a small label called Hanker Records from Tbilisi, Georgia. I went there this spring and bought it at Vodcast Record. Besides staying in Tbilisi, my friend and I drove to the caucasus mountains, where we heard this CD several times. Good memories attached to this track and I hope you'll enjoy it as well.


9. Elmo crumb - I Man A Canary Bird

Rest of the mix more I a 4/4 direction starting out with a Call Super track on The Trilogy Tapes under his alias Elmo Crumb. This massive dark sound, as if a massive peace on a ice-covered lake breaks makes the track for me.


10. From unknown mixtape - "??"

Mixtape CD i got from terekke at a party in Skee last summer at Kasper Marotts native farm.
Track called ”??” on the cd and didn't event try to look it up on the WWW. I think the track is detained but still super groovy – a mix I really like.


11. central - H Ain't Nothing But a Number

I'm a huge fan of Natal and this track is from his 2nd EP on Dekmantel. To begin with I was mainly stoked about the track “Political Dance” but since then “H Ain't Nothing But A Number” has only got better and better.

Skjermbilde 2017-11-19 kl. 14.06.49.png

12. ebende - UNRIVALLED

Big shout out to the guys from Øen Records and also to Ebende who made this track. Unrivaled hits a vibe and groove I totally dig and i'm excited to follow him on his coming releases.