OSCOMIX002 - Rasmus juncker


rasmus juncker gives you the ultimate sunday-mix. Ambient, jazz, percussions and a mellow atmosphere. Sit back and relax, and enjoy the selections!

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. The Swifter - Travelling Angle

This track could continue forever. Vivid piano playing, accompanied by Andrea Belfi’s organic percussion patterns. Great record with electronics, piano and percussion.


2. Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta - Nexus on the beach

So many interesting sounds in this ambient masterpiece. A beautiful mix of tribal field recordings, acoustic instruments and oldschool electronics. This record has been a huge inspiration for me. First released on Chris Cutlers amazing label Recommended Records in 86', but in 2016 Music From Memory released this on a comprehensive Roberto Musci compilation.

3: Milan W. - Vermona

3. Milan W. - Vermona

Just discovered this Belgian producer. Nice experimental feeling with pulsating electronic rhythms and mysterious synth sounds.

Anden Enhed - Mængde Og Udløb

4. Anden Enhed - Mængde Og Udløb

Improvised synth track from the great record “Første Halvår" by Anden Enhed. This track has such a warm analogue sound as well as a repetitive cyclic feeling. I discovered this group because i had the pleasure of working with Andreas Pallisgaard on one of my own recent projects.

5 Carla Dal Forno - DB Rip

5. Carla Dal Forno - DB Rip

I love this deep and melancholic synth wave track from Carla Dal Forno amazing album 'You Know What It’s Like’. Half of the album consists of instrumental tracks, and the other half features her mesmerizing voice, which really reminds me of one of one of the first bands i was a part of

6 Huerco S - Cubist Camouflage.jpg

6. Huerco S. - Cubist Camouflage

I always immerse myself totally into this looping sequence. I don’t think the album needs further introduction. Probably one of the greatest releases from 2016.

mystic jungle tribe - live in napoli.jpg

7. The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Live in Napoli

Discovered this very trippy and cosmic synthesizer jam recently at the local Percy Records in Copenhagen.


8. Indian Ocean - Treehouse

Always fascinating to listen to Arthur Russell's forward thinking and unique music. Especially this short mix of an Indian Ocean track makes me move. This track is one of the most groovy combinations between rhythm and vocal ever.

9. Francis Bebey - Fleur tropicale.jpg

9. Francis Bebey - Fleur tropicale

Early feel-good african electronic music from the Cameroonian pioneer Francis Bebey. It is an interesting story how Bebey used western music technology in his songs in order to get African music and culture more appreciated. It really resulted in some very cool music.

10 Don Cherry– Karmapa Chenno.jpg

10. Don Cherry – Karmapa Chenno

Live recording from a concert Don Cherry did at The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in 1977. This track has a nice and jammed exotic ostinato feel, and Cherry’s playing sounds amazing as always!

11 Max Roach - All Africa.jpg

11. Max Roach - All Africa

In my opinion one of the most important jazz records ever. This track has the most amazing vocal and percussive build up into an exploding polyrhythmic ending. Abbey Lincoln's honest voice is so filled with soul and on the track Triptych; Prayer / Protest / Peace, she literally screams her soul out. So intense.

12 Art Ensemble Of Chicago - The Smooth Ones Pt. II.jpg

12. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - The Smooth Ones Pt. II

This track is a quite special listening experience. A lot of weird, almost cartoonish sounds is being introduced along Roscoe Mitchells and Lester Bowies various horns. This group has always fascinated me. All members were multi-instrumentalists and they used almost everything as an instrument in their performances. Released in 1969 on the legendary BYG label, which released a lot of great freejazz records.

13 Doug Carn - Moonchild.jpg

13. Doug Carn - Moonchild

Such a good jazz tune by Doug Carn released in 71’ on the also legendary Black Jazz Records, which released a lot of very inspiring albums. The solo sections work great and even though Michael Carvins drumming seems a bit random at times, it all adds up and gives a spirital and unpolished feeling.

14 William Fisher - Chains.jpg

14. William Fisher - Chains

This cinematic journey is the perfect ending, or maybe even a beginning. The strings sounds totally out of this world and so does the absolutely crazy drum solo by Billy Cobham. Beautiful piece from the quite diverse album ‘Chains', featuring everything from soulfull rock and cosmic moog-synth explorations.