OSCOMIX005 - Mikkel Okine


Mikkel Okine takes you on a journey through time, places and genres, and puts together this masterpiece of a mix. A must hear - 100% quality selections!

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:

Ambiance - Atiji.jpg

1. Ambiance - Atiji

A warm and spiritual opener. High Jazz records reissued this fantastic Jazz-funk fusion LP. Atiji has a feel of sunset vibes on a nice summer evening. Check out the tune Fiesta on the record as well.

Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers - Peter & John (Superfly Records).jpg

2. Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers - Peter & John

Heavy gospel breaks. Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers truly live up their name on this track. Both band and vocal performance are on point.


Bob James - Nautilus (Music On Vinyl).jpg

3. Bob James - Nautilus

A trip to the moon. This cosmic jazz-funk jam takes you out there! Head bumping drumbeat, simple guitar riff, locked bassline and spacious keys. I like how they keep pushing it further and further.

Biosis Now - Independent Bahamas (Mokii Productions).jpg

4. Biosis Now - Independent Bahamas

Outstanding Bahamian funk… What a powerful musical statement. The whole band is giving everything they got. That organ solo is mind blowing…

Erroll Gaye And The Imitations - Love And Affection (Steel Town Records).jpg

5. Erroll GAye And The Imaginations - Love and Affection

Beautiful 7” soul from ‘75. Hard to define what style of soul it is but a qualified guess would be sweet crossover / modern soul. Anyways, it is a superb tune in my opinion.

Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life (Hot Casa Records).jpg

6. Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life

Uplifting afro disco from the nigerian musician. Sloppy grooves and squeaky horns. Actually the record was bought in Paris by my girlfriend as a gift for me. I’m a lucky guy!

Merchant - Hit Me With Music.jpg

7. Merchant - Hit Me With Music

A few years back I was traveling in Japan. Among a lot of specialized record stores I found the shop Revelation Time in Osaka. Just before I had to leave the owner showed me this incredible LP from Trinidad & Tobago. This Caribbean Soca record is one of my favourite. If you are in Japan you really need to visit Eiji and his shop.
ありがとう Eiji!

The Gap Band - Out of the blue.jpg

8. The Gap Band - Out of the blue

I’ve been searching for this tune for years. A couple of days ago I copped it. Probably a tune that will stay in the record bag for ages. I must say. Gap Band knows their vocal and horn arrangements.

Maalem Mahmoud Ghania & Floating Points - Mimoun Marhaba.jpg

9. Maalem Mahmoud Ghania & Floating Points - Mimoun Marhaba

Hypnotic cyclical rhythmic patterns of the steel castanets, dusty and bluesy bass lute, call-and-response vocals and dreamy modular synth is the result of an exciting collaboration between renowned ritual and spiritual Gnawa musicians from Marrakech and Floating Points.

Kaidi Tatham - The Shadow Ain’t Going Nowhere.jpg

10. Kaidi Tatham - The Shadow Ain’t Going Nowhere

The one and only Kaidi cat! A low-key groove from the multi instrumentalist with Nadine Charles on vocals. If you don't know this wizard, you’re in for a treat.


Moses Boyd - Rye Lane Shuffle .jpg

11. Moses Boyd - Rye Lane Shuffle

This fierce debut release by London born producer, composer and drummer Moses Boyd is off the hook. Vibrant and energetic jazz from 2016. A strong ensemble consisting of tuba, bass clarinet, trombone, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, guitar and drums! Those horns sound ridiculously tight.

Alex Konodu’s International Band - Nsem Nyinaa Nyame.jpg

12. Alex Konodu’s International Band - Nsem Nyinaa Nyame

Ghanaian highlife from 1986. Few tunes can make me smile, cry and dance all at the once. Where to start… The manifesting call-and-response intro sets the tone. The repetitive highlife groove takes over and it just keep on getting better even though there isn’t any change or major evolving in the groove. The power of highlife music! They keep repeating: “... everything that happens is god's will.” If god was the mastermind behind this he has got a new believer.

Thad Jones Eclipse - Baby, I Can’t Get Over You.jpg

13. Thad Jones Eclipse - Baby, I Can’t Get Over You

For the grand final I sent you off with this percussive mayhem recorded in Copenhagen’s amusement park Tivoli back in 1981. It is performed by the Danish Jazz Big Band and conducted by the charismatic Thad Jones.

Thank you Osco Radio for having me and all of you out there for listening!