OSCOMIX007 - Anders Munthe


Osco co-creator anders munthe spins some of his favorite jams from all over the world. 

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Gilberto Gil - extra

Starting the mix off with a masterpiece from the Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil. quality MPB.


2. Asha Puthli - space talk

One of my all time favorites. Originally from india, Asha Puthli has an amazing sound, and a mesmerizing voice. great fusion stuff.


3. Claude Rodap - Tempête

More spacey fusion jazz here, but this time from Claude Rodap with The Fregate Orchestra. Tempête is the highlight on this album. Recorded in 1982(!)


4. Klaus Schønning - havmågen

One of my most prized records. Beautiful ambient / abstract music from this Danish madman. Recorded in 1979, with everything written and produced by Klaus himself. The whole album is brilliant.


5. Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue

From '79 as well, but this time a Hawaiian singer. Just a great, dreamy aor track. Loooove it


6. Tim maia - réu confesso

My favorite brazilian singer of all times. His voice is so special, and he has made so many great songs, Réu Confesso is one of them.


7. Toni Tornado – Me Libertei

More Brazilian madness. Toni Tornado from 1971. An underrated brazilian artist with loads of soul.


8. Ebo Taylor - Heaven

classic Ebo Taylor track. The king of highlife. 80+ years today, and still making and teaching music in Ghana. musical legend.


9. Abel Lima - Corre Riba, Corre Baxo

Abel Lima from Cape Verde. It has that mysterious sound you only get from Cape Verdean bands. 


10. Ibo Combo - Mateiu

Moving on to Haiti, and the Ibo Combo group. I don't know much about them - but this song is great. 


11. Mahmoud Ahmed - Aynotché Tèrabu

Mahmoud Ahmed from Ethiopia! it has that classic Ethiopian jazz sound, topped off with Mahmoud's crazy vocals. A highlight of ethiopian jazz, if you ask me!


12. william onyeabor - atomic bomb

William Onyeabor recently passed away, RIP. The story behind this man is made into a movie, you should watch it. This is one of my favorites from all of his outstanding tracks. That man could work a synth!


13. 'thesda - triology: Hear you clearly

'Thesda - spaced out was originally pressed in 1979, but limited to 100 LPs given to friends, family and artists. Luckily, Left Ear records repressed this gem for us! Jazz funk fusion stuff from the US.