OSCOMIX009 - Dust Masta Hiss

Dust masta hiss

Dusta Masta Hiss spins library music, themes and soundtracks for his osco mix. music from italian wildlife documentaries, japanese spy movies, rare library gems and much more in between. Check it out!

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Sam Sklair / Otto Sieben – Hunter and the Hunted 1

Beautiful track filled with great arrangements and suspense, plus the recording sounds incredibly clear! These guys knew how to mix it up!


2. Giuliano Sorgini – Ultima Caccia

The Soundtrack from a 1974 Italian documentary series on how animals suffered and where traumatized in zoos and circuses. Humans made the animals go crazy – hence the title of the album “Zoo Folle”. Again, the recording is on point just listen to the goddamn drums! And even though the synth lines runs deep underneath the drums, it still gives this track it's very core feeling of the uncertain and of something being on the prowl.


3. Jacky Giordano – Tablasse

Mad flava intro with bass and bongos, building up to this stankface break.


4. Stanley Maxfield – MCQ

This is without a doubt the best cover version of MCQ that I have ever heard, love absolutely everything about this track! Japanese flava


5. Ensemble Petit & Screenland Orchestra – Theme from three days of Condor

Again, Japan got it locked down when it comes to twists on hard driven funky cinema themes. And I must say, this is also one of my favorite album covers!


6. Michel Lorin et Son Ensemble – Douceur Tropicale

This track puts me on a tropical isle somewhere in the Pacific. Michel Lorin came through right here. Bless.


7. Clive Hicks – Think Twice

‘The Pleasure of Life’ is the title of this 1975 KPM release and this track sets the mood beautifully.


8. Frank Ricotti – Vibes

The name of this track fits the feel of it to the absolute, mad laid back groove with Frank the man


9. Rubba - Way Star

Rubba is on some psychedelic soul on this one, absolute master piee and with that, it moves us from the mellow groovers to the funky spy flava.


10. Dick Walter - Spooky Doo

If you need some breaks for your solar crime themes, Dick Walter is your man. I used to dig and ask for this all over the place - That was 6 years ago, before I realized what library music was though.


11. Brian Bennet – Soulstice

A spaceship cruise to far out places.


12. Patchwork - Zero Hour

One of my favorite Music De Wolfe releases, spy grooves all over this piece.


13. Franco Micalizza - Bargain With The Devil

This is real dense, almost every track has some of that special flava you need to get sucked right into this Italian 1974 'Rose Mary's baby' spin off. I wasn't surprised when I found out that Franco Micalizzi was behind this Soundtrack.


14. Caravelli - L'étrange Docteur Personne

Probably my favorite April Orchestra series release. It has that scary build up that keeps you locked in place because you know about the drums that are about to hit ya.


15. Daniele Patucchi - Tragica Fine Dello Squalo

Deep and dark Italian Shark documentary soundtrack from 1976.. Just take my money!


16. Stefano Liberati - Shark Jazz band

Another Italian documentary soundtrack from 1978 with heavy underwater funk breaks. If you decide to watch the film, expect sharks lurking in the dark and eels removing bras from under water strippers.


17. Walter Murphy - Hocus Pocus

Great library release from the Major Records label. On a side note, I think this is the same guy who composed and produced some of the music for the Family Guy series.


18. Pool-Pah - Sour Soul

Perfect spy break for the folks who want to get the case solved! And a great cover as well.


19. Piero Umiliani - Protestation Juvéniles

Umiliani at his best with mad flava arrangements and hard drums! Once again, the recording technics are at its highest. A library masterpiece for sure.


20. Polish Radio Orchestra - Why do you say goodbye

Even though the recording of this particular session isn't at its best, the mood brought by this song is more than enough to set the stage for something dramatic and magnificent happening.


21. Rahul Dev Burman - Dance Music

This sums up the mix well, all these tracks are hip hop to me, and it all works together from the hip hop perspective. Thanks for listening!