OSCOMIX010 - Dee Brown


Dee Brown - Resident DJ at Jolene Bar i Copenhagen, the head behind the local label C.U.P. (Copenhagen Underground Posse), and the music festival Søndagsvenner gives us a sneak peek into his most cherished records.

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Jon Hassell - Aka / Darbari / Java - Empire 1

A mysterious sounding ambient piece, that encapsulates you with it’s fragmented rhythmic synths and pitchy bird sounding samples. Felt like starting the mix off with some moody weirdness.


2. Kim Kristensen - Aner Solo

A beautiful solo from a danish jazz pianist. I adore short piano pieces like these, that aren’t centralized over themes or melodies, but just perfectly captivates a mood or setting, which in the moment of recording this mixtape I felt fit well with the mysterious vibe of the ambient piece beforehand.


3. Lauren Desberg - You Go To My Head

An absolute favorite subtle jazz gem of mine, that revolves over a simple theme, but just keeps building and growing in sound, intensity and groove. Love her soft, but super intense and emotional voice. Works wonders on a dancefloor too!


4. Fatima - Red Light (Live)

The live version of this Floating Points composed track completely blasts by everything else Fatima has put out. I love all her work, but this is just on another level. If you release live music, this is what it should sound like. Goosebumps!


5. Scott Grooves - So Into You (feat. EJ)

An old house favorite of mine recently put out this limited 45”, which differs from all his previous work and took me by complete surprise. Killer slow boogie jam with live drums, dope guitar work and a soulful vocal, that instantly makes you sing along. The flipside is a jam too!


6. Enlightment - Faith Is The Key

It’s just good music with a spiritual message”, as the band said, when they we're interviewed about the re-release of their holy grail album. Tear jerking gospel tune!


7. Pharoah Sanders – Elevation

A tad overlooked Pharoah Sanders album, which might even be my favorite. Joe Bonner is in my opinion one of the best pianist in the quote unquote spiritual jazz spectrum and he really lets himself loose on this album. A friend of a friend said, that he was never into free jazz, but he always liked Pharoah Sanders, as his songs would always reward you after surviving through the long, noisy improvisational bits. I therefore apologize for fading the song before the reward, but it became a bit too intense for my slightly hungover mindset.


8. Hiatus Kaiyote – Jekyll

One of the best albums of recent time - period. Nai Palm’s vocals, guitar playing and compositions are straight out of this world.


9. Eric Lau – Many

Opening speak-a-lude from Eric Lau’s “One of Many” album, which I included both to reset the mood and transition into a different kind of vibe, but also because of the lyrics. I’m just one of many, doing my thing, playing some music, that I dig. Nothing more.


10. Take 6 - Spread Love

Gospel acapella from the best acapella group to ever do it. One of my most cherished dancing moments was hearing Theo Parrish playing this at 6-7 A.M. followed by smacking a nasty Pete Rock style beat on top of it. Real awe-inspiring moment, which obviously led me to mixing in the following track.


11. Common feat. Erykah Badu - The Light (J Dilla Instrumental Remix)

The G.O.A.T. James Yancey topped by the goddess of neo-soul Erykah Badu. Unfortunately, I never liked Common on this track, so I played the instrumental instead, but check the OG and you’ll have Miss Badu’s incredible chorus stuck on your lips, as this plays.


12. Theo Parrish - Long Walk In Your Sun

Talking of Theo Parrish… I had to include this one, as it’s been such an inspirational track for me since I heard the man himself play it back in ’13. It is one of the best examples of the crazy ass producer he is - slick, downtempo and unbelievably bumping. How he manages to weave every tempo and genre into his sets, making every head in the building bop along to a beat like this just after blasting uptempo acid and hi-energy disco classics blows my mind.


13. Lord Echo - Wang East

I only just recently discovered Lord Echo (aka. Mike Fabulous, which I think fits this track better), but his unique mixture of disco, dub, reggae and soul combined with killer sounding productions are just so infectious, that I can’t stop playing his tunes. Especially this one has been a constant summer rewind!


14. Tony Allen - Sankofa (Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)

Dark, moody, slow-paced brass jam backed by the legendary afrobeat grooves of Tony Allen. The switch to the uplifting bridges hits dee combined with the powerful, emotional trumpet solo throughout. A track that really makes you want to instantly skip the needle to the beginning, as the track fades out.