OSCOMIX011 - Jonas Kroglund


osco co-founder jonas plays one hour of ambient and percussion filled wax.  


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Raja Zahr - Belly Dance Music, part 3

Drums and percussions by Lebanese Raja. If you have the chance check out the rest of the record as well. A really nice blend of crazy synthesizers and wild drums. 


2. Ghost In The Shell - Making A Cyborg

Huge drums, deep bass and crisp bells. Original soundtrack from 1995 anime film.

r vincent.jpg

3. R Vincenzo - Haru

Brazilian downtempo.


4. Gilles Obermayer - Echassier

Really good percussion record. Found this one at a flea market in Oslo. Apparently Obermayer is a French musician who used to teach at the Norwegian National College of Dance in Oslo where he also recorded this one. Loads of pure percussion tracks if you're into that.


5. Roberto Musci - Rack Railway To

Amazing compilation of Roberto Musci on Music From Memory. So many good things on this one. 

total art.jpg

6. Total Art Of Percussion - Wigan Wuchang

The band name says it all!


7. Ralf Nowy - Akili Mali

My favorite compilation of 2017. Drums and bongos all day long. Wigan Wuchang is actually on this one too! Compiled by Jan Schulte.


8. Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda - Wawaki

Deeply mystical and profound Mexican LP from 1986. Repressed in 2017 on Emotional Rescue.


9. Komodo Kolektif - Djakarta 3001 (short version)

Truly a magical album with a very special aura. Djakarta 3001 is 14 minutes long but I only played a few minutes of it.


10. The Elephants Child  - Kolo, Kolo, Kolo

Just a funny little thing i picked up in Råkk & Rålls in Oslo this summer. I saw Four Tet posted a picture of it on his Instagram a few days before i found it, and when it was really cheap i just bought it. Vocals only.


11. Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harpin

Beautiful soul-jazz and funk by Dorothy Ashby. Harps all over the place.


12. Lloyd McNeill - Samba For The Animals

Just as Ashby is a harp-master, McNeill is a flute-master. Nice jazz record mixing Latin, Brazilian and African rhythms.


13. Plantasia - Symphony For A Spider Plant

Atmospheric sounds for plants, and the people who love them!


14. Young Marco - Out Of Wind

Start to finish top shelf ambient/house record by Marco Sterk. 


15. Nacho Patrol - Futuristic Abbis Abeba

Nice electro and afrobeat. Insistent bassline and furious rhythmics.


16. Tandoori - Ravn

First release on Twin Cities! Kasper Marott takes you on some long percussion workouts!