OSCOMIX012 - Mikkel sætre Lunde


Norwegian hip-hop connoisseur mikkel sætre lunde, selects scandinavian and old school hip-hop records for his osco mix. 

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Glasuren på Kulturen – Funker fuldstændig ud (featuring Mc Einar)

On the first record of this set, the Danish group Glasuren på Kulturen (GPK) kicks some fundamental knowledge from the Danish hip-hop scene. They even got the veteran MC Einar to lay down the last verse on the track.


2. Hvid sjokolade – Penge

This is another Danish track. Hvid Sjokolade is a legendary hip-hop group from the 90's. They really left a mark on the Scandinavian scene. Penge is a track about spending way more money than you got, which is a thing I bet most can relate to.



3. EN´MC – Dreams

I´ve never heard about this dude until I picked this record by the looks of its cover in a shop in Oslo.  However, after listening to the 10”, the jazzy beats and the tight flow caught me good. There are several good tracks on the EP, but “Dreams” is the one I favour the most.


4. Oppkast Ala Kart – Dårlig vær

Underground rap from the north of Norway. This is probably the waviest and chilled out track I got in my collection - just close your eyes and lay back.


5. The Latin kings – De e knas

This is one of the first Swedish hip hop tracks I ever heard as a kid, and it's still one of my favourites! Proper street shit.


6. Warlocks – Flashbacks ( Tee & Hawk Remix)

“Warlocks” is the illest Norwegian rap group ever. Period. Flashbacks (Tee & Hawk Remix) is their most famous song, the remix turned out better than the original so they ended up putting that on the record.


7. Tommy Tee – International connects (Featuring Mike Zoot & El da sensei)

This track is from the record “Bonds, Beats and Beliefs (BBB)”. The concept was to make a musical bridge between Oslo and New York. Therefore even though it is a Norwegian album, some of the tracks (including this one) are recorded in NYC. And the whole album is packed with American rappers.


8. Tommy Tee – International connects 3 (Featuring Izeis & Oscar Blesson)

The track is from the record “Bonds, Beats and Beliefs 2(BBB2)”. This time the concept was to connect Oslo and the West Indian isles. I rarely bump into music from this part of the world; therefore this album was a great gateway to exploring some new stuff.


9. Mc Duke & Dj Leader One – For the girls

The intro of the song says it all. They DO deserve it.


10. Positive K – I got a man

Classic banger from the 90s with a crazy funky beat, produced by Easy LG


11. Camp lo – Krystal karrington

The opening number on the Uptown Saturday night record. This is hip-hop at its best (in my opinion). They share the verses in the song incredibly well while flowing so nicely on the top of a HEAVY ass beat.


12. Dangerdoom – Old school (featuring Talib Kweli)

Dangerdoom is the collaboration between Mf Doom and the producer Danger Mouse. Here they team up with Talib Kweli and create this sick track. The only downside is that it´s so short.


13. Reflection Eternal – Soul rebels (featuring De la soul)

What is not to like when you put Talib Kweli together with De La Soul and let Hi-Tek produce it? It is impossible not to at least move a bit to the hook on this beast of a track.


14. Dj Premier - Classic (featuring Kanye West, KRS-One & Rakim)

This true classic is actually Dj Premiers remix of “Better than I´ve ever been”. The song was nominated for Best Rap Collaboration at the 50th Grammy awards in 2008. But, if you look it up on youtube you will find that the version without Kanye West got the most views. I guess some think it is a bit early to qualify him as a ”classic” yet.


15. Big L – Flamboyant

It is unlikely that you will find a track where the scratches is in better harmony with the beat than in “Flamboyant”, combined with Big Ls notorious flow and lyrical madness this is a true masterpiece. We lost Big L way to early, who know what wonders he would have produced later in his life.


16. Black Star – Definition

The best description for this song is, as the Norwegian saying ”Detta lukter spenn” ( this smells of money).


17. Lords of the underground – Funky child

I am a big fan of brass in hip-hop. “Funky child” is a good example as the brass riffs lifts the song to a new level, while simultaneously pulling funk out the birth canal.


18. Eric B. & Rakim – Microphone fiend

Eric B. & Rakim took hip-hop one step further, in the 80s; they evolved the whole music genre. “Microphone fiend” is my favourite among their songs.


19. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t sweat the technique

Here we hear that Eric B.'s recognisable base lines and Rakim's legendary rhyme technique still keeps them among the best, even 25 years after this song was made.


20. Camp lo – Luchini aka (this is it)

This is Camp Lo's biggest hit, when listening to it you will understand why! After wild requests from the crowd in “OSCO studios” (Anders' apartment) I had to put this in to finish of the set.