OSCOMIX013 - Alfredo92


Alfredo92 really shows us the depth of his collection. new age, ambient, horror themes, reggae and punk rock. one hour of madness. 

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Bob and Ron Copper - Good ale

I was dead hungover when this mix was recorded and thought it would be a great ideato start out with this ode to beer drinking. The whole album is lovely and touches many nice topics such as hard labour and sex.


2. Woo - The Frogs Fandango

Beautiful ambient/New age music recorded by two brothers in their home between 1975 and 1983… quite hard to believe.


3. Poland P Young - Curls

From one of his more recent albums where he is softend out a bit.


4. Musica Elettronica Viva – cosmic communication

Spaced out italian improvisation from the seventies


5. Ruth White - The Cat

Some of the most scary music i have ever heard! I think the way the synthesizers emulate a cat is quite fantastic on this one. 


6. Midnight episode - Marigold

Seriously overlooked album based around samples from old english horror movies.


7. Trevor wishart - Imago

Now it gets even scarier. 25 minute piece built around a single sample of two whiskey glasses clinking. There is a nice video on youtube where he plays the piece in a total dark confrence hall and talks about the beauty of the piece, it is mind bending and scary as hell.


8. Mark Nauseef - Quilts (A Patchwork Dance)

A super drummer who's been collaborating with names such as Thin Lizzy and the velvet underground takes a break and explores the world of gamelan music.


9. Shango Sacrificial Ritual

A recording of a voodoo ritual from Trinidad.


10. Burundi - Musiques Traditionnelles - Chant Avec Cithare

Traditional music of Burundi. I do not know a lot about this record as I can’t really read french, but an incredible voice though.


11. Leroy Wallace – Far beyond

One of my favorite pieces of reggae music. Totally out of tune melodica, and casual talking about belonging to Ethiopia. What more do you want?


12. Diggory Kenrick & Tapes – Pipe Cleaner

One of my favorite pieces of contemporary reggae music! Really heavy and almost depressed vibes on this one. The b side i called ”This Weeds Making Me Nervous” and sums it up pretty good


13. Thomas Leer – Gulf stream

A Scottish musician who is really underrated in my opinion! This one is a bit dubbed out but check hits such as ”Private Plane” and ”Don’t”


14. Petr Skoumal - Jeden Můj Známej

Weird Czech Jungle/Tv-show music. Found on Youtube - bought on record.


15. Japir Folk Group – Dance Music

This was actually not meant to be played in the mix butthe ecstatic vibe of Petr Skoumal made me panic and this got tugged in. Anyway it's a nice recording of drumming from India.


16. The Leather Nun – Slow Death

A song about being fried to death in 55 hours by a Swedish Goth rock/industrial band. This song is from their debut album which is by far their best album in my opinion. On the b side of this record there is a live version with Genesis P-Orridge on violin!


17. GG Allin – Snakemans Dance

The real king of Rock’n’roll! Live fast die!


18. Aaron Dilloway-Shatter all organized activities (Eat the rich)

This Track is from one of my favorite noize albums! The long and repetitive patterns takes you in a state of trance which goes into the sound of dying animals?  and then all of a sudden he switches everything up into a noize inferno, the first time i heard this i was in total shock. I skipped the repetitive part and only played the ”dying” and the Noize part.


19. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Vid The Pigs

Great punk band from New York. ”Technology is a weapon use it or be abused by it”