OSCOMIX015 - Lazer


Copenhagen native lazer and his synthy records! leftfield disco/boogie tunes, and soothing afro funk for your ears,

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Electromantic - Electromantic

I found this record at a flea market in Copenhagen, at a stand with a real charismatic character selling his records. I took a chance and thought it could be some synthesizer madness from eastern europe, which it was. 


2. Blue Heron’s Tribute 2 PH - Hymn To A Whale Talker

This incredible compilation of ambient, deep house, tribal and african samples, is a stunning record which will ravish you into a state of pleasure and ease. Big up to Moodhut, for being a miscellaneous label. 


3. Hove - Romance

A beautiful ambient record by Swiss producer Hove. The sound leads your thoughts to the movie Blade Runner and an urban dark setting.


4. Levon Vincent - Pivotal Moments In Life

This cheeky synthesizer theme gets me every time. 


5. Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bay (Love Chant Version)

Just a great dance track with tribal feeling and odd synthesizers. 


6. Kat Mandu - I Wanna Dance

Bought this record at K Starke records in Chicago. The build up, the weird synthesizer theme, saxophone and intense drum beat sew a perfect odd ball disco house track. 


7. Cinnamon - Thanks To You (Instrumental)

A cheapie found in mint records. Trash or tune? The arpeggio synth and production is phenomenal though.


8. Yazoo - Situation (Dub Version)

What a tune! That synthesizer theme can get any dance floor popping! The theme leads your thoughts towards Beverly Hills cop and other 80’s TV show themes.


9. B.T. (Brenda Taylor) - You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

West End delivers every time. Brenda Taylor has a nice vocal, that fit the great production and arrangement very well. 


10. Kasso - Key West

One of my most cherished records. From the hit Walkman, One More Round, Brazilian Dancer to Key West, Kasso delivers a wide range of dance floor tunes for every ocassion. The programming on Key West is just sensational and is accompanied by a brilliant theme that is stuck in your mind for days at a time. 


11. Fancy - Come Inside

Where, Slice Me Nice is pure eurodance insanity, the flip side Come Inside is a bit more subtle and dance floor oriented. The use of midi, synthesizers and drummachines is just excellent on this record.


12. Baricentro - Tittle Tattle (Instrumental)

A poor unofficial repress of a italo-disco track. The poor press adds some charm to the sound, which makes me interested in this weird track. 


13. Gay Marvine - Meatin

An excellent edit of a 80’s pop track. The Bath House Etiquette series is always an interesting find, that often has great dance floor cuts.


14. Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood

Great album from two of the members of Talking Heads. Weird lyrics, weird synthesizers, cool artwork, it got it all. 


15. Tony Cook And The Party People - On The Floor (Rock-It) (Special DJ Master Mix)

A record i found in Logan Hardware in Chicago. Amongst busted Chicago house stuff, this stood out. The thumping bass and piano makes it a driving oddball piece. 


16. The Crackers - Osizini

Beautiful track by South African group The Crackers. Mesmerizing vocal line and horns makes your mind wander, to the almost melancholic vibes. 


17. Maca Joe - Hey Girl

Love this track for being imperfect. The synth solo is a bit of, but it adds charm to the track. How the lead singer plays around the vocal lines, almost rapping, is something special. 


Thanks for having me on the show and thanks to Percy Records.