OSCOMIX016 - Rudi Valdersnes


Rudi Valdersnes from Bergen, Norway treats us with a ambient, electronic mix, including music from his label "Maksimal lyd", and some pop from his home town of bergen.

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Sun Ra And His Arkestra ‎– INDIA 

Sun Ra is one of my favorites, with weird percussions and beautiful melodies


2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - WATER STATE 2

I bought this record in Hong Kong in September. Great ambient record, fun for mixing in, and perfect for Sundays on the couch.


3. Ogola Nengo And The Dodo Women’s Group - MIX ZWEI (TOULOUSE LOW TRAX MIX)

Fantastic record. The Lene Willikens remix on A1 is a sick dance track, but for this mix, i went with A2 - Mix Zwei (Tolouse Low Trax Mix). Really liking the absence of the 4/4 kick, and the rolling beat in the slow tempo.


4. CLUB NO-NO svn - untitled b1

Nice hi-hat and bass song that i have heard many times. One of my favorites. I can listen to it at home, and play it at a club. Get this!



Really nice club record. Amazing sounds from Dusseldorf.


6. Admir Korjenic - taiga

This track is from a record from my record label, Maksimal Lyd. A great ambient track hides as the last track on this record. i really like when records have tracks without a beat or drums.


7. Uchitoshi - MUCHISHIO

Dance record from Yoyaku Records. Don't know much about the artist, but he has some more releases on the same label. The A side is a dancefloor bomb, but the flip side is what I played here - it's better for those Sunday walks around town with your headset on.



I was listening to a lot of records at Filter in Oslo when i came over this one. It´s noisey and beautiful. I have been using it in a lot of my sets, sometimes as a ambient opening or as a crazy fade out. Simple and effect full.  


9. Black ASH - Cocaine

Nice instrumental reggae record. Organs, drums and bass. Just relaxing music! Enjoy.


10. (?)

Japanese noise record from the 80's. I dont remember the name, and it doesn't  say on the record...


11. Building instruments - BLI MED

One of my favorite bands. From Bergen, Norway. A floaty song where rhythm and beats float in every direction. Just lay back and relax!