OSCOMIX018 - B from E


B From E aka Frej Levin up next with a mix of tunes that have inspired his own music, and old forgotten trance and techno tracks. ...Or “Free Jazz”, in his words.

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Damon Wild - Games People Play

First of all I was so hungover, I had to get drunk again when I came to Percy record store to do this mix. The guys asked what I was going to play. They expected house music I guess. So I kept telling them I brought some free jazz. I don’t even know what that is.

So this track is the very first, or maybe second vinyl I added to my DJ collection ever according to electronic music. Found it in a pretty stoned record shop near Amsterdam in 2004. I was 14 years old, in Holland, with my school. I got high... And I was kicked out of school too. It was fucking worth it!


2. Vengaboys - Paradise

 “Paradise” by dutch eurodance homo’s and trance masters Vengaboys! Released by POSITIVA of course, “The Party Album” itself! Same album “Going To Ibiza” and “Boom Boom” where on. After track 7 things start getting real interresting. Don’t think I ever heard a fat sound like this, not on any other late 90’s trance bangers, maybe Alice Deejay “Better Off Alone”. Quality sound! Drum break is sampled from “Way Out West - The Gift”. Lot of Korg M1 going on here, original and expansion cards in use. Also, seems like “Paradise” is the only Vengaboys track to be released vinyl! 


3. Westbam - Let Yourself Go (Bing Bing Remix)

This record used to belong to some Icelandic DJ who forgot a bunch of his records somewhere, my friend found them and traded them with me for a shitty Korg midi controller. Really love when the chord stabs come in! Oldschool, deep, tunnel vibe. Also kinda sketchy track, not that solid but still very cool! Thats why I wanted to play it.

4. Liber-Oz - ME 109 (Heinz Knoke)

The Osco boys told me to play something I love, but usually don’t play. Here’s some oldschool, cool but kind of goofy trance! Not easy to play at a modern club for sure! But, sounds fantastic! Gritty stuff!



5. Barada - Plaza

Aw man, this is the real deal! Those 12 bit drums and that trance chord sequence. Yum, enjoy!



6. ?

I seriously can’t remember this record? Was something new I’ve just got. Track is really dope, beautiful piano delay breakdown, you clearly understand the Steve Reich influence in trance right here!



7. Tunnel Vision - Optic Toxin

Kinda happy, a bit of goa, super gritty, love when drums sound like this! Great tool.



8. Underworld - King Of Snake

I dont want to say anything about this.



9. In Full Effect - Feel It Now

When house, acid and techno meets at the right time, right moment, right planet. Always in my bag. Oh yeah… I dropped some records on the the needle during this track, damn..


10. Kellee - My Love - Lovespunge XXL Mix

This is where it started getting out of hand. Still loving this track, pure ecstasy. Check out that piano house breakdown at 50:00! No matter what you say, this vocal is god damn soulful! 1996’ y’all.



11. B.B.E - Seven Days & One week

There’s actually a very cheesy late 90’s music video for this track. I’m a little sucker for euro saw synths. And I love listening to them on vinyl.



12. Illuminatae - Tempestada

Trance, acid, 1993, fixing this mix! Hypnotic oldcshool’ness! Mmm… Sweet 303 bathed in hardware delay.



13. A.M. - Arise (Exclusive Hammer & Funabashi Remix)

 Man I got confused and picked the wrong track on this record! This track sucks.