OSCOMIX022 - Rasmus oppenhagen krogh


guitarist Rasmus Krogh selects some of his favourite records from his collection. enjoy 1 hour of great sunday selections. 


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Talk Talk - The Rainbow 

From the album ‘Spirit of Eden’, which might very well be my “desert island”-record. This opening track is so powerful and it is still, after having listened to it countless times, able to take my breath away. I’ve simply never grown tired of listening to this record over the years. Perfect album!


2. Duke Ellington/Charles Mingus/Max Roach - Fleurette Africaine

A dream trio consisting of three of the greatest personalities in jazz history. The composition is so beautiful and the interplay is mind blowing. A classic!


3. Alice Coltrane - Shiva-Loka

Alice Coltrane is a big inspiration to me at the moment. She created a totally original universe with her music and each of her records seems to build their own unique mythology around itself. A total force in music!


4. Fripp & Eno - Evening Star

Stumbled upon this record recently, which I honestly didn’t know existed. I’m a big fan of both Robert Fripp and Brian Eno and this duo collaboration is simply genius. This is the perfect soundtrack to your dreams!


5. Midori Takada - Trompe L’Oeil

From the record “Through The Looking Glass” from 1983, which had a kind of renaissance recently and was reissued on vinyl. An intriguing, mysterious and highly captivating record that has a deep meditative feel to it. 


6. Miles Davis - Little Church 

 An interpretation of a Hermeto Pascoal composition from the record ‘Live/Evil’ –one of my favourite Miles Davis records. It’s like a mutation of sounds; surreal and beautiful. One of the most organic pieces of music I know of. The band breathes as a unit, but at the same time you always have a feeling that it could all fall apart at any moment and transform into a totally new form.


7. John Coltrane - Satellite

John Coltrane is one of my biggest musical heroes. There’s so much great music to chose from in Coltrane’s discography, but I ended on “Satellite” from the album ‘Coltrane’s Sound’. It’s a record I often revisit and I always discover new layers in the music. 


8. Colin Stetson - Letter to Hst 

Saxophonist and composer Colin Stetson has made some really interesting records, and this piece is some of his earlier solo work. I can highly recommend all of his albums, but the real deal is to hear him live. A live performance by Stetson is an extremely powerful experience. 


9. Paul Bley - And now the queen… 

A wonderful solo interpretation of this beautiful Carla Bley composition. I bought the record on a trip to Berlin while still in high school and since then it has been a favourite of mine. 


10. Cluster - Es War Einmal

Wonderful piece from German electronic pioneers Cluster. 


11. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Solari

From the latest release of keyboard and composer legend Ryuchi Sakamoto. A great record that has this really evocative track on it. Sakamoto is famous for his fantastic movie scores, and much of his solo work has a kind of cinematic feel to it.