OSCOMIX021 - Simon Alejandro


SImon Alejandro, rapper, DJ, producer and organizer at music label jungelen, spins one hour of afro and latin records. enjoy!

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Exile One – Ilyne

Bassline for days!!!! Great track from the live record “Face au public”. Lately I have been buying a lot of records from Martinique, Guadeloupe etc. The record was released on Disques Debs International founded by Henri Debs – great label to check out for those who don’t know.


2. Daouda – Chant de la savane

Such a beautiful tune from Ivory Coast. Another cheapie I found in Paris on the Maikano label. Listen to the drummer.. amazing! Lyrics are also nice; the vocalist is singing in french about his charming village where they cook, sing and dance.


3. Pacheco y melon - Solo estoy

Great salsa from Venezuela. Also one of the best record sleeves I’ve ever seen. Check it at Discogs.


4. Los Matecoco - Barrio de san anton

This one I bought in Wahwah Discos in Barcelona. Lovely track. It’s really cracked up as one can hear.


5. Still Cool - Crab in a barrel

This 10” I bought from my friend Tanguy in the south of France in Montpellier when I was living there in 2014/2015. They say that this was a tune that Jah Shaka kept for himself and his soundsystem for a long time until it was officially released on Stereo Uprising in 2014. Such a heavy tune !!! Everytime I went over to Tanguy’s house I came back with atleast 5-6 singles each time. If I’m not mistaking he was the first person to build his own soundsystem in Montpellier. After that he brought it to the skatepark and many young people got addicted to the rowdy and powerful bassline and space echoes that came out of the sound.  This was also my first experience seeing soundsystem and meeting people that was deep in the culture. I remember one “soirée” where I wanted to go check out one of the local sounds and I did not have anyone to go with. Ended up going with my girlfriend at the time. I can only remember the sight of her laying side bent on a cheer 4 in the morning while the selectors still were going strong. Good memories!


6. Pablo Gad - Coke addict

Another killer I heard sometime in Montpellier. Myself I have never played it out.. maybe because of the dirty lyrics hahaha…


7. Joby Valente – Tu n’est pas riche, tu n’est pas beau

Sweet soul tune from Joby Valante recorded in Guadeloupe. I just gave this tune to Jungelen producer Lars B. Excited to see if we’re going to sample it. “Tu n’est pas riche, tu n’est pas beau” means “You are not rich, you are not good looking”. The drums are so crispy its crazy! This is from the 7” that also has the big merengue tune “Disque La Rayè” on the flipside. Very recommended!


8. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ft. Dam Funk – Baby

Basically just a beautiful cover done by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti featuring Dam Funk. I bought the 7” at Robotbutikken in Bergen (rip)


9. Bill Withers - Let me in your life

I’m often listening to Bill Withers at home so why not put it in the mix? Anders said I should put songs I don’t play out…



10. Roger Damawuzan & les as du benin – Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Ok…yes this is also a cover version.. and yes this is maybe my favourite song ever.. Listen to the ambience.. the singing and the band is so on point. The sound is so soulful. This is a proper compilation put together and released by Hot Casa Records. Don’t miss out on the kid screaming in the background. Pure gold!!



11. Joe Brown and his black men - Look well after your soul

This is the last 7” from Voodofunk. Really heavy break in the beginning and the rest of the track is of course stunning. Difficult to play it out because of the sound. 



12. Os Novos Baianos – A menina danca

This is one of my favourite Brazilian records. My man Lucas De Almeida put me up to this classic (yo Lucas!!). I have the reissue from Mr.Bongo. There is so many strong tracks on this record. Another tune from the record that we love is “Besta É Tu”.


13. Orlandivo - A felicidade

Yep, to finish up the mix I decided to present a sweet tune from Orlandivo’s self titled album “Orlandivo”. Not too much to say.. just kick back and listen to it..