OSCOMIX025 - fei pao


fei pao aka Glenn eugen, norwegian dj and producer based in hong kong, spins one hour of deep and beautiful soundscapes for your sunday vibes.


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Bernard Herrmann - Diary Of A Taxi Driver

Taxi Diver, hands down one of my all time favorite movie! Love the cinematic feel I get when I listen to this track. It also reminds me of the taxi driver in Gerald Potterton’s movice, Heavy Metal.


2. Biosphere – Wyll And Purpose

Geir Jensen’s makes beautiful, dark and deep soundscapes. Feels like you are all alone, out in the vast Arctic landscape.


3. Rudi Valdersnes – A1

Rudi is a dear friend, I have had the pleasure to play with Rudi in Norway and Hong Kong.  I am playing this track much faster than the Original version, It sound better to me this way and it reminds me of Rudi. Hi Rudi!


4. MH + FS – Dancing Girl

Mr. Ho, another good friend. He runs Klasse Recordings together with Luca Lozano. This track is played much slower, sounds so tight this way! Big up to Mr. Ho for the Record!


5. Kim Hiorthøy – This Record can not set me on fire

Kim Hiorthøy, a real renaissance man. I have always know him more for his visual/ graphic works, but you got to love this Lo-fi (knirke) beat.


6. Jay Daniel – 1001 Nights

Shout out to Yao Aka James Acey, thank you for this record! Jay Daniel keeps it real! Groove + Hypnotic + Deep


7. Bjørn Torkse – Don’t Push Me

The Cod Father, my Idol! Bjørn Torske has been on another level for decades now. His music is incredible, especially if you are familiar with the nature and mountains surrounding Bergen, Norway.


8. Henry Wu – Don’t Want The Regular

Deep , soulfull music with a lot of swing.  Keeps your body moving and bumping.


9. Andy Hart & Max Graef – Hawker

Two great producers, from opposite sides of the world join to make this feel good, high energy club track. 



10. Jay dee aka king dilla

So many musicians, across so many genres have, and continue to be inspired his great music and ways.