OSCOMIX027 - Nikolas Aasheim


Nikolas Aasheim from Bergen compiles classic funk and soul for the latest Oscomix. Sunday boogie!


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Miles Davis & Robert Glasper - Talking Shit (A1, Everything’s Beutiful)

t was a good idea to give Robert Glasper access to Davis’ original unreleased recordings. Davis’ raspy voice on top of that drum is just nice.


2. Roy Ayers - Day Dreaming (A3, Red Black and Green)

The violin throughout this one is pure awe, such a nice element in this song. Not to mention the playful xylophone by Ayers himself that just keeps it going.


3. Kool and the Gang - Breeze and Soul (B3, Kool Jazz)

Initially released on their self-titled album three years prior. Everybody has a relationship with some kind of piece by Kool and the Gang, I think especially the funky stuff. As this was an album they really tried to show their jazzier side; I think this song is a good reflection of that whilst still being maintainers of the funkiness.


4. Stephanie Mills - What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ (A1, What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’?)

Nice little lovebalad by the one and lovely.


5. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got (New Version) (A1, tittel)

Originally introduced in 74’ by William DeVaughn, he re-released this upbeat version six years later which is so cool. Instant classic by the man.


6. Alphonse Mouzon - By All Means (B2, By All Means)

Herbie on pianos, not to mention Mouzon and Freddie Hubbard on this. This song goes over 13 minutes, just when you think it’s done, they bring it back down again, such a delight. Also, I have to say I think the album cover on this is very cool.


7. Eumir Deodato - Space Dust/Sherlock (A1, Knights of Fantasy)

Nice one by the Brazilian pianist Eumir Deodato. Really nice drive to it a long with some ‘’flute-full’’ bongo-breaks.


8. Tina Charles - Boogiethon (B3, Dance Little Lady

The British disco-lady bringing heat. This song has so much boogie to it it’s humourous.


9. Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (A1, (Miss Broadway)

Glass Candy do really cool italo/synth stuff. This one feels a bit more organic, which makes it stand a little out in their catalogue, and also my favourite.


10. Smith & Mighty - Walk On (Mellow Mix) (A1, Walk On...)

Since we’re doing soul and jazz I feel it would be appropriate to add Dionne Warwick into the mix, though through the interpretation of the Smith & Mighty.