OSCOMIX028 - Dominic Reuben


Dominic reuben from Oslo Reggae Radio blesses us with good vibes and reggae riddims in his osco mix. one hour strictly reggae. give thanks!


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Run Come Rally

Originally only a hundred or so 7”s were pressed of these tracks so it is great that Dub Store have made this deeply spiritual music available to the world!


2. Mystic Revelations of Rastafari - Sam's intro

Nyahbinghi drums meet Cedric “IM” Brooks heartfelt jazz sax with a mesmerising acoustic bassline


3. Carlton Coffee - Chant Away

Nyahbinghi meets reggae on a tuff 12”. Chanting! 


4. Jackie Mittoo - Armagideon / Ina Armagideon

Killer from foundation reggae label, Studio One, featuring one of Jamaica’s finest cornerstone session musicians, band leader, composer - Jackie Mittoo



5. In Crowd - Milk and Honey

Credited to the backing band the In Crowd, but in fact composed, played and sung by legendary producer Clive Hunt aka “Azul” aka Lizzard.  We did a two hour special on Clive Hunt on the Oslo Reggae Show which can still be heard on our mixcloud.


6. Joe Higgs - vineyard

Joe Higgs famously taught the Wailers to sing harmonies, as well as many other well known reggae groups. He never achieved the international success he really deserved. A great singer and as can be heard here, a great and poetic songwriter.


7. Abacush - Batta dem

Have to include some female artists!! This one a very popular re-issue of a UK roots reggae classic. Fyah!


8. Johnny Clarke - Guide us jah

A touching prayer from the veteran that is still going strong, Johnny Clarke.  Love the production and mix on this deep and heavy 12”.


9. Michael Prophet - Serious Reasoning

Michael Prophet sadly passed away in early 2018, his music will live for a long time to come!  Known as a UK singer, but this album was recorded in Jamaica.


10. Israel Vibration - Lift Up Your Conscience

Musical upliftment for mind, body and soul.  A roots and culture classic.


11. The Abyssinians -  Jah Loves

Soulful and emotional with angelic vocals with moving and inspiring lyrics.  


12. Burning Spear - Give Me

A musical message to those who continue to prevent justice. Reggae music carries a very potent and relevant message. Tune in.