OSCOMIX029 - astrid engberg


Producer and dj Astrid Engberg selects some of her favourite music, breakbeat from 1969, a track that makes her want to cry and new danish beats for her oscomix. enjoy! 

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Alice & John Coltrane - The Sun

From Alice - & John Coltranes “Cosmic Music” The track is written by Alice Coltrane, who’s also playing great piano on it. Love the vocal opening by John Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders.


2. Ruby Rushton - Charlotte Emma Victoria

From Trudi’s Songbook Vol 2. Out on 22a from London. Currently one of my favourite labels and this track is just lovely.


3. Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guébru - Mothers Love

Precious album by the Ethiopian nun, composer and pianist Emahoy TMG. Found it in a record store in Paris and fell completely in love. Simple beauty. The sound of Ethiopia, the sound of longing, the sound of something divine. It’s all shining through on this beautiful solo piano album.


4. Onra - Borodinsky 

From La Boulangerie Part 1. I was part of a crew called Fantastic Planet in Paris about 10 years ago with mc Mattic (US) & producer team La Fine Equipe (FR) who dropped this compilation of dope beats in 2008. So many little gems.


5. Placebo - Balek

From the album “1973” which is just a killer record. Led by Marc Moulin Placebo released 3 albums and I love all 3 ! Just pure goodness. Sampled by Dilla and the likes. Balek is a banger. Groove, energy & vibe.. it all works for me.


6. IDIR feat. Zahra - A vava inouva

From a 7’ I found in the north of Paris. Sweet track by Berber Algerian musician Ḥamid Ceryat aka IDIR feat the great Zahra.


7. Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus

Pure beauty. From the album “Eastern Sounds” which is one of my all-time favourite albums. I found it when I was a teenager and I still listen to it on. Released in 1961. CLASSIC.


8. David Axelrod - The Dream

The beauty of this track makes me wanna cry. The theme melody, the string arrangements, the sound of the drums and the recording. Everything is just incredible.


9. Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger

The great Dorothy Ashby in full effect. All hail. Love when the beat drops (killer breakbeat from 1969) killer in - and outro. Funky and spiritual. Uplifting and soul soothing. Full house.



10. Shabaka & The Ancestors - Joyeus

From the album Wisdom of The Elders. Another very spiritual and uplifting track. Led by Tenor Sax player Shabaka Hutchings, recorded in South Africa and released in 2016 on Brownswood Recordings. I think I heard it 4-5 times in a row when I found the record. Continues to amaze me with it’s powerful beauty.



11. James “Creole” Thomas - Creole People & The Plum Blossom

Album dropped in may 2018. Great fusion of jazz, soul, broken beats and tropical vibes. The Plum Blossom is a Yusef Lateef cover taken to a totally different place. I dig it.



12. Mo Kolors - Margoze

A track from a 7’ by Joseph Deenmamode aka Mo Kolors. Percussive and lovely.


13. Rolf Trostel - I Love Europe

A track from the legendary german synth wiz Rolf Trostel. Released in 1982 on the album Two Faces. I Love Europe is a sneak peak into the Trostel modular synth, minimoog, analog heaven.



14. Aaye Din Bahar Ke 

From 1966. 7’ I found at Second Beat Records and the vocal touched me.



15. Sofa T - Radio Maxima + Hvide Sko

From the 2018 album “Radio Sofa” by danish beatmaker Sofa T. Great beats (I’m especially fan of Hvide Sko!) and the it’s also just visually super beautiful record. One of the most timeless and beautiful covers I’ve seen this year.


16. Ashley Henry & The RE:ensemble - Pressure

Another 2018 release. “Easter EP” by british pianist and composer Ashley Henry. Don’t sleep on this guy. I first heard Ashley’s soulful playing on a beat by british beatmaker Pitch that I worked on. The whole EASTER EP is great and features a dope jazzy version of Nas’ The World is Yours and also a really mean remix of St Anne by Mattic & Pitch. Ashley has soul, skills & I love his hip hop almost sampled based playing at times.