OSCOMIX031 - Third Wife

third wife.jpg

Danish techno producer and DJ Third Wife with his ambient live set from God Goes Deep in Copenhagen. 1,5 hours of dreamy, ambient vibes.

Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Future 3 - The Boy From West Bronx (TI’s Version)

The next record we will put out on Øen Rec. will be a reissue of the classic tune The Boy From West Bronx by Future 3. Next to the original mix you’ll find three remixes of the track where one of those was made by Ti (aka. Dj Sports). An heavy reinterpretation that keeps the lighthearted feel of the original. 


2. Fruit - Heima 

As a tree is judged by it’s fruit, a human is judged by it’s deeds. Fruit is no stranger to the Copenhagen scene any longer and has proven himself with some great tunes that will see release on Twin Cities very soon. 


3. Midori Takada - Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream 

What used to be a heavily sought after record was repressed and has been played, traded, bought and sold a lot last year. I’ve almost played this too much now, but then again, it’s always an immense experience to hear this music in the right surroundings. 


4. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan 

Where this tune came from no one can tell. It’s the oddball on a record that has meant everything for rock music. Planet Caravan is a tune that can only be described as weightless in it’s structure and it’ll probably stay in my bag forever. 


5. Red Rosa - Madame Frost 

Another tune on Øen Rec. Red Rosa has been an overlooked act in Copenhagen for quite a while now, but I’m very happy we put out a couple of tunes with him more than a year ago. Hope there will be more music out soon! 


6. David Bowie - Moss Garden 

B-side on heroes. There’s a lot of Brian Eno on that side of the record, which really suits Bowie well. I read somewhere that they used Eno’ Oblique strategies for the tunes on this side. Those cards never really worked for me, but it’s great that they could spawn tunes like this. 


7. Varg - Euros & Euros & Euros (EBG) w/ F. Valentin & Chloe Wise 

First of all the amount of music this guy is putting out is really impressive. Most of his work is of really high quality and I like it a lot. On this record he features a lot of guests that add a lot of nice colors to his music. Will be fun to see how far he can take it in the future. 


8. Sand Circles - Motor City II 

Motor City. Oh man. Really happy that this tape was rereleased by Posh Isolation on vinyl. It’s the definitive scandi-vibe-album and a blueprint for a lot of the music that has come out of the north since. 


9. Peter van Hoesen - Attribute 39 (Donato Dozzy Remix) 

Quite majestic sounds and a record that always plays well in Vor Frue Kirke. It can get a little bit overwhelming in it’s hugeness, and sometimes maybe even pretentious, but I think it’s good that someone takes it a little too far sometimes, so that we can learn when to paint inside the frame and when to paint outside of it. 



10. Red Rosa - Velvet Drapes 

Another Red Rosa track from the same tape. An icy yet warm feel and a little more toned down than the previous tune in the mix. 



11. Milan W. - Hold 

I heard this guy play live at Sejerø Festival some years ago and I’ve been a fan of his since. The festival is unfortunately closed but the spirit of it has stayed within many of me and my friends that were there and this tune has become somewhat of a silent anthem for the memories of that time. 



12. Alvin Aronson - Fog City 

City EP is my favourite record by Alvin Aronson: tunes for the club and tunes for the bedroom delivered close to perfection. 


13. Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis (B-side) 

If you’ve ever heard the original tune played at the right time you know that it’s one of the most mind-bending-yet-comfortable experiences you can heave in a club. In an ambient setting the b- side works really well. As far as I can tell it’s the same track as the original stripped for drums. 



14. Enya - Boedicea 

When you take away the overproduction and way too liberally used reverb that we find on many of Enya’s records you can clearly hear that she is capable of something great. On this track she is only accompanied by a juno synth and some dubbing over her voice.



15. ?? - ??

It’s a track from one of my girlfriends LP’s and I don’t have it anymore, don’t remember what it’s called either. Sounds old, but I’m quite sure it was released in a not so distant past.