Copenhagen based dj and Beatmaker Boef1 spins some moody and groovy stuff, including some very good flea market finds!


Track-by-track commentary by the selecter:


1. Gabor szabo - Galatea´s guitar

This is a favorite track of mine. Really a good track for opening dj sets. Builds up so nice. It is both moody and groovy. I love the combination of genres, psyched out moody stuff, soul, jazz. The pecussion textures are awesome on this track!


2. The electric prunes - I had too much to dream (last night)

No emotions attached for this track. Just like it, a really good psych rock track. It’s been a while since used it in a dj set. Thought it fitted well with the previous track.


3. Dragon tears - Borderline

This track I tend to play quiet often when I dj. I really like it a lot. Again it’s a track good for combining different genres, witch im all about.


4. Minnie Riperton - les fleur

This lp has been sitting in my collection for a while, never played it in a dj set before (I think). But I listent to it the other day for the first time in a while. Thought this nice track deserved to have a spot in this mix.


5. Tindersticks - Ma Soeur

This is the first track I ever heard by Tindersticks.
I woke up in a tent on Roskilde festival more than 10 years ago to this track. Played on a boombox by one of my good frieds. I had the the worst hangovers, but this track allmost made the dissapear. The track stayed with me ever since.


6. Test skiva 1 - Tiden bara går

Bought this on a fleemarket in Copenhagen. Bo hannson’s (one of my favorite muscians) name was in the liner notes. He’s swedish and made this series of records for adjusting stereo perspective for your hifi. Im a sucker for swedish music and the first track on the record is really dope, the rest crap.


7. The ghosts - creatures in the night

This lp was a random pick up in the cheapy department from a copenhagen recordstore. The cover was dope, the band had some ex gratefull dead members in the lineup. This track is dope, and gets played in my sets often.


8. Gerry rafferty - right down the line

Cheapy but goodie. I really love this track. Guess it’s whats refered to as Yacht rock.
He’s also the guy who wrote “stuck in the middle with you.


9. John Barry - theme from the persuaders

I never seen the series, but I love the theme. I used to play this alot when I started out dj’ing. Resently i’ve been playing it again.



10. Dave Mccallum - House Of Mirrors

Produced by David Axlerod. I love Axlerod, especially this track. Surf, psych, soul crazyness.



11. Beef Eaters - It aint Necessarily so

Danish 60’s pyscadelic Blues/Soul. Probably my favorite Danish 60’s band. Really like their sound. This album is quite rare, and super dope!



12. Ganimain & his oriental music - swinging the blues.

Random fleemarket pickup, the cover was nice. And the music also turned out to be nice. A wierd mix of exsotic, eastern blues.


13. Dungen - Jakten genom skogen

This band is so fucking awesome, one of my all time favorite bands. I always try to squize a Dungen track in to my dj sets.
This particular album, is a score for one of the first animated movies ever made. "The adventures of prince achmed” I saw them perform it live to to movie. It was soo dope!



14. Xpolding plastix - Tintinn aputation

In the late 90’s start 2000’s I was buying alot of electronic, sample based, breakbeat/lounge whatever music. Sometimes I throw a track like this in to my sets. This album is really good, this track fitted nice with the Dungen track.



15. Gonjasufi - sheep

Great sampled based psycadelic hip hop, soul, lofi stuff. I really like this album.